A long time ago, when Belgaum had 2 colleges, it was very easy to make up one’s mind, where to study. Today Belgaum has changed and how! We have more than 30 colleges, each capable, some teach medicine, others Engineering, some teach Arts and some Science, again others Law, and Alternative Medicine, and Management.

Bharatesh Education Trust has for more than half a century, developed and evolved into an institution of learning, where the student not only came to be taught, but rather he or she was taught to make a life! Students of Bhartesh Education Trust today are spread across the world – many hold high positions in their field of expertise. That we are proud of!

Being the Chairman of Padmaraj Ariga Bharatesh College of Business Administration, has given me great pleasure. Over the years now – I have seen young men and women, come to learn, and earn a degree, but PABCBA, ends up teaching them more than they could ever imagine. PABCBA not only gives them the degree, but teaches them entrepreneurial skills, polishes them, gives them skills in finance, marketing, research and sends them out into the world, where they have an extremely bright future. Students of Padmaraj Ariga Bharatesh College of Business Administration, have done well for themselves and have contributed well to society.

I congratulate you, for deciding to join us, to forward your career, which we will do with élan, and rigor. I hope to see you emerge as a person others look up to and appreciate.

Wish you all the very best, may the three years you spend, at PABCBA, be the most fruitful years of your life!


Shri B. S. Chougule (Kalamani)